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Thanks for taking a look at the FireBarbie!

My name’s Troy, and I am the creator of the FireBarbie. Since childhood, fire has always fascinated me — I’ve always found the bright, hypnotic flames both exciting and soothing.

I coupled this fascination with my obsession for cooking amazing food, and experiencing the great outdoors. Between hunting, fishing, and camping throughout our beautiful country and countless backyard barbeques with family and friends, I’ve spent decades striving to master the art of cooking over the open fire.

There’s nothing quite like it, is there? Open-fire cooking gives us a nostalgic, primal feeling. The fire, the smoke, the natural smoky flavour of the food — it all evokes something ancient within us, a fundamental way of living that makes going back to cooking on a gas barbeque all but impossible.

After many years of frustration hovering over a hot fire, cooking at ankle level, I decided it was about time Aussies like me had a single barbie for every occasion. Something tough, versatile, and will last for many years to come.

I wanted a product unlike anything on the market. Something you could set up in the backyard but also take with you on your favourite getaways. Designed for grilling, barbequing, frying, smoking, roasting and more, the FireBarbie is also the perfect firepit for when the eating is done, and the relaxing begins.

I designed the original FireBarbie on my PC. I took the plans to an engineer friend of mine who drew it up in CAD. From there, I contracted an engineering firm and they laser cut the pieces for me. With the help of another friend, we dug in and built the first ever FireBarbie.

Troy Coburn - FireBarbie Founder

Over the next several months, we put the FireBarbie to the test. With my wife, two daughters and a long list of family and friends, we took it wherever we went and grilled up everything in sight. We made a few tweaks along the way, improving design and durability, and it wasn’t long before I realised the barbie of my dreams for open fire cooking was complete!

Somewhere along the way, my hobby turned into a passion, with the support of my beautiful wife we decided to put everything on the line to bring the FireBarbie to the world.

You know that feeling you get before a big camping trip? That bit of excitement that stabs you in the gut when you think about it? That’s the feeling I get from Open Fire Cooking with the FireBarbie.

I think it’ll give you that same feeling too.

Thanks for reading, and happy grilling!

Troy Coburn

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